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traditional japanese garden

Experience Culture

​Kadō Practice (2 hours) 

​150 USD per person (tax included)

Ikebana Japanese Flower Arrangement


Kado japanese flower arrangement class in Hyogo

In Japan, a country blessed with nature, beautiful plants and trees can be seen in each of the four seasons. The buds of spring, the blossoms of summer, the colors of autumn, and the dead branches of winter...these are all things that appear only because the plants and trees are alive.
In Japanese flower arranging, or Ikebana, the root of beauty is the appearance created by the life of plants and trees, and this is where "WA" or "Harmony" lies. In other words, harmony is the daily encounter of plants and trees with the sun, rain, and wind, and their transformation into new forms.
Ikebana is to see even insect-eaten leaves, wilted leaves, and dead branches as forms of life, just like fresh young leaves and colorful flowers, and to find beauty in them.

Furoshiki Wrapping (1 hour)

120 USD per person (Furoshiki / tax included)

Furoshiki Wrapping


Furoshiki is a simple square cloth made of various fibers such as cotton and silk. It has long been used in Japan as a cloth for wrapping and carrying items. 

Furoshiki designs have different meanings. We Japanese love and enjoy the four seasons. We also respect traditions and customs. When you give a gift to someone close to you, you want to convey your feelings to them, don't you? With Furoshiki, you can wrap your feelings together with the gift and give it to your loved one.

Furoshiki can be used for both casual and formal occasions and is environmentally friendly. Simple, elegant and wonderfully culture.

Kimono Wearing (2 hours)

300 USD per person (tax included)

Kimono Wearing


Kimono wearing class in Hyogo

While many people choose to rent kimonos during their visit to Japan, there's a hidden gem for souvenir hunters: used kimonos. You can often find these affordable treasures in various used kimono shops across the country. However, one common obstacle that prevents people from buying kimonos as souvenirs is the uncertainty of how to put them on once they're back home.

But worry not! We're here to guide you through the process, step by step. All you need to do is bring along your purchased kimono set  (please inquire about the necessary items when shopping) and we'll show you how to wear it with confidence. Once you've mastered this art, you'll be ready to flaunt your kimono at any party or special occasion, leaving everyone in awe of your elegant attire!

* Please make sure to bring your kimono set


Traditional building of Kobe, Hyogo
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