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Experience in Kobe, Hyogo

Rediscover HYOGO.

At Hyogo Navigator, we are committed to unveiling the essence of this extraordinary region. We strive to introduce the unique cultural heritage and time-honored practices that have shaped Hyogo throughout history. Our aim is to foster a profound appreciation for the traditions, customs, and myths that define Japan.

Our Clear Vision.

View from Kobe, Hyogo

Embark on a journey through time as we introduce you to the Japanese "sendatsu" people. These remarkable individuals have dedicated their lives or found their 'ikigai' to receiving and passing down the knowledge and wisdom of Hyogo's locals from one generation to the next. Their stories and insights offer a genuine glimpse into the heart of the region.

Meet the Sendatsu People.

Japanese traditional building in Hyogo

Hyogo's beautiful natural landscapes and mild climate have nurtured a rich tradition of craftsmanship. Explore the exquisite crafts that have evolved in this environment, where skilled artisans create works of art with a deep connection to their surroundings. From traditional pottery to delicate textiles, you'll find a treasure trove of artistic wonders awaiting your discovery.

Discover Timeless Crafts.

Japanese traditional crafts of Hyogo


Lead Navigator Yoshimi Fukumura

Yoshimi Fukumura


​Yoshimi Fukumura, our lead navigator and a passionate native of Hyogo Prefecture, is on a mission to transform Hyogo's cultural heritage into a catalyst for contributing to a sustainable society. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the Graduate School of Japanese Studies at the University of Tsukuba, Yoshimi draws inspiration from Hyogo's history of sustainable resource management, a key factor in the region's prosperity. As a certified kimono and ikebana instructor, Yoshimi is dedicated to sharing and preserving Japanese traditions and weaving them into her broader vision of harnessing Hyogo's cultural heritage to promote a sustainable society.

Tour Director Ikuko Iwasaki

Ikuko Iwasaki


​Ikuko Iwasaki, a fine arts graduate from a UK university, is a skilled interpreter and seasoned guide for global travelers. With a profound passion for Japan's art and history, Ikuko effortlessly connects with diverse audiences, sharing the country's rich cultural heritage. Enthusiastic about photography, she captures Japan's essence under professional guidance, showcasing its beauty to the world. Whether guiding international visitors or framing moments through her lens, Ikuko is a dedicated cultural ambassador, inviting everyone to discover and appreciate the rich history of Japan, intertwined with the lives of its people.

UI/UX Designer Rikki Kihara

Rikki Kihara


​Rikki Kihara, spent his childhood abroad, and his experience in global human resources led him to a career as an international conference sales manager for a catering company and as a flight attendant for a foreign airline. He is also self-taught in design and is currently involved in website and creative production as a creative director based on the concept of sophisticated design. Rikki's goal is to play a role in conveying the charms of the five regions of Hyogo Prefecture to the world through design.

The Former Foreign Settlement Of Kobe

Join us on this voyage of cultural exploration and discover the soul of Hyogo, Japan. Let's embark on a journey that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for Japanese tradition and a profound connection to this enchanting region.

Let's EXPLORE with us


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